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Container Desiccant In case of transporting containers by ocean, the container desiccant, DesiKhan-C protects your valuable products by preventing condensation caused by dramatic change in temperature and humidity .

Product Overview | Container Desiccant

01Name DesiKhan-C
02Packaging unit 500g ( 100g x 5ea )
  • Moisture Absorption quantity: 400% or above
  • Initial uptake : 10% or below
  • pH 6.0~7.0
  • Particle size: 100~200 mesh
  • Apparent density: 0.95 g/cc
  • Cost is saved thanks to small size and usage
  • There is no risk of leakage because DesiKhan-C become gel-state when absorbing moisture. (Patented)
  • A high moisture Absorption quantity, fast absorption speed and excellent durability
Container Desiccant
Container Desiccant
Container Desiccant
Container Desiccant

Use Procedure | Container Desiccant

1Inspect the Container.

Container Desiccant
  • 01.Damage inspection: Check if there is any crack, difference of level or hole on the floor, walls or ceiling, etc.
  • 02.Close tight the doors and seals of the container.
  • 03.Maintain a dry and clean condition of the surface. Refrain from using recently washed or disinfected containers.

2Check moisture of the floor of the container.

Container Desiccant
  • 01.Check the moisture on the floor of the container and do not use it in the case that the humidity is 20% or above.
  • 02.If the container must be used, use one extra piece of desiccant for every 1.5% of moisture that exceeds 20%.
  • 03.Do not use a pallet with the moisture of 18% or above.
  • 04.If the pallet must be used, use one extra piece of desiccant for every 1.5% of moisture that exceeds 18%.

3Seal the vent holes with waterproof tape.

Container Desiccant

4Take out the container desiccant and open the plastic bag.

Container Desiccant

5Hang a DesiKhan-C on the hook attached on the ceiling.

Container Desiccant

6Attach the container desiccants on the walls of the container using the both sided tape that is offered.

Container Desiccant

7Load the freight in the container as quickly as possible after installing DesiKhan-C.

Container Desiccant

8Close the door as soon as possible.

Container Desiccant

Cautions for use | Container Desiccant

Since moisture comes in through the door of a container, install DesiKhan-C as close to the door as possible as shown in the picture below.

Container Desiccant

Usage | Container Desiccant

Use at least the number of DesiKhan-C as shown in the table below considering the type of the box and seasonability

Type of container Number of DesiKhan-C to be used (100g*5ea, pcs)
In the rainy season In other seasons
20’GP 6 4
40’GP 10 8
40’HQ 12 10