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King of Desiccant,
A company with a global competitiveness
based on the best R&D

Welcome to DesiKhan, the world’s most reliable desiccant company.

DesiKhan Co., Ltd. was established in 2015 on the basis the accumulated materials technologies for moisture absorbent and rust prevention, and it is taking the lead in the desiccant market through continuous R&D and technology innovation.

DesiKhan is supplying its products to several countries as well as to the domestic market with its differentiated technologies and such products include a moisture absorbent for automotive lamps which is the only product that is manufactured in the nation, a super strong high-performance desiccant, and an anti-corrosion desiccant for electronics, etc. The company has its branch offices in Europe, Thailand, Japan and China.

Because of these efforts, DesiKhan was appointed as a “high-tech enterprise” by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and the Ministry of Science and ICT in 2019, being capability to develop and produce high-tech products, and was appointed as a “promising small & medium business company” as well.

The future pursued by DesiKhan is to become a global company that offers great value to its customers and partners. In addition, it will grow with them by sharing its vision and future value through social activities.

The global market is always fast-moving and demands continuous change and innovation. DesiKhan will become a global company based on its constant interaction with customers, passion and responsibility for problem as well as its strong managerial ability. We ask for your loving concern and encouragement for DesiKhan so that it can continue to enhance and in large.

Chairman of DesiKhan , Jonghyup Kim DesiKhan

DesiKhan Introduction The world’s No. 1 company that is specialized in moisture absorbents for automotive lamps The world’s only company that removes the automotive lamp condensation without the anti-fog coating
  • DesiKhan

    The Americas, Europe, Asia, etc.

    Worldwide global network
  • DesiKhan

    Appointed as the best innovative supplier by Hyundai Motor Company

    Took the first place among 3500 companies
  • DesiKhan

    SL corporation

    Award of Most Contributive Supplier 2021 by SL Corp
  • DesiKhan

    Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy

    Obtained certificate of high-tech product
  • DesiKhan

    In the year of 2019 in Chemistry

    Awarded the prize of best patent product
  • DesiKhan


    Awarded the 94th Jang young Sil (From KOITA)

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DesiKhan pursues the best quality sustainable competitiveness

based on a systematical management and production system.

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