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Quality Management | Headlamp Desiccant

DesiKhan is doing the best to fulfill customer satisfaction

by means of systematic management and proactive response.

DesiKhan obtained the certificates of KS ISO 9001:2015 / ISO 14001:2015 under the policy to seek maximized customer satisfaction which is shown in its motto, “We continuously make efforts to make better products including Headlamp Desiccant and do our best to improve process capability with the sense of responsibility and obligation to protect customers’ valuable possessions from moisture and rust.” In order to achieve this, DesiKhan has made endless efforts by establishing and proceeding with a quality and environmental management system and by means of steady improvement.

Quality Control
Quality Analysis
Quality Improvement
Quality Assurance

Efforts made by the CEO and all employees to proceed with continuous quality improvement were added to activities for quality control, quality analysis, quality improvement and quality assurance with the goal of customer satisfaction based on quality competitiveness.

DesiKhan’s Smart Quality Management

DesiKhan is advancing with its smart factory establishment project in accordance with the 4th industrial revolution and on the basis of the certificates of KS ISO 9001:2015 / ISO 14001:2015, through which everyone participates in establishing an advanced quality management system as well as in realizing management innovation.

Real-time data collection and analysis on the processAdvanced process management
Establishment of stable and optimal manufacturing environment Real-time temperature/humidity management
Real-time stock management of raw materials and various subsidiary materials Optimal use management of raw/ subsidiary materials
Data gathering and cross checking based on the quality control standard Establishment of plan for quality control and analysis as well as improvement

Quality Control System | Headlamp Desiccant

Incoming Inspection
SPC and data analyses
Preplanned periodic inspection
Quality control by an authorized institution (measuring instrument calibration test, certificate of analysis)
Continues improvement through quality control meeting

Manufacturing Process | Headlamp Desiccant

DesiKhan that has a highly efficient productivity

Not only guarantees the quality but also maximizes the productivity.
STEP01. Raw material warehousing
STEP02. Incoming inspection
STEP03. Raw material inspection
STEP04. Raw material input
STEP05. Raw material blending
STEP06. Automated production
STEP07. In-line inspection
STEP08. Out going inspection
STEP09. Shipping