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Major Field Claim on Automotive Lamps

Lamp Desiccant Lamp Desiccant Lamp Desiccant Lamp Desiccant
  • 01Fogging & Condensation : 70%
  • 02Watertight Defect
  • 03Operational Defect
  • 04Lighting Defect
  • 05Lens Defect

According to major automotive lamp manufacturers,
lamp condensation problem takes up at least
70% of total field claims related with the automotive lamp

Source : Korean Lamp Manufacturer

Lamp Desiccant Introduction | Lamp Desiccant

Lamp Desiccant Lamp Desiccant | Lamp Desiccant
Lamp Desiccant Access Cap equipped with Lamp Desiccant | Lamp Desiccant
  • Lamp Desiccant is the world’s only moisture absorbent to solve the automotive lamp condensation problem without the anti-fog coating.
  • Lamp Desiccant is specially designed only for solving the automotive lamp fogging issues. Since 2017, it has been supplied to major car manufacturers such as Hyundai, Kia, Daimler, GM, Geely, Thaco Bus, CNH, etc.
Lamp Desiccant

Designed only for
Automotive Lamp

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  • Performance Lamp Condensation Management
  • Absorption Quantity > 150%
  • Release Quantity < 5%
  • Heat-Resistance < 130℃
  • Life-Time < 36 months(35g)
  • Item
  • DK-S05g
  • DK-S10g
  • DK-5g
  • DK-10g
  • DK-15g
  • DK-25g
  • DK-35g
  • DK-50g
  • Weight
  • 5g
  • 10g
  • 5g
  • 10g
  • 15g
  • 25g
  • 35g
  • 50g
  • Size(mm)
  • 30 X 100
  • 30 X 150
  • 100 X 70
  • 100 X 85
  • 100 X 95
  • 100 X 115
  • 100 X 130
  • 100 X 150
Lamp Desiccant SEM image of Lamp Desiccant
that absorbed moisture
  • 01 Fast initial moisture absorption and long-term sustainability

    Lamp Desiccant has an excellent absorption quantity in low humidity as well as in high humidity and maintains a high performance for a long time.

  • 02 Humidity condition in lamps is stably maintained

    The product keeps the humidity condition in lamps stable.

  • 03 Minimize the moisture release in hot and dry condition

    Irreversible solidification chemical reactions take place when moisture is absorbed as shown in the picture, which minimizes and optimizes the moisture release and prevent the Auto. Lamp condensation so as to maintain the humidity stably in lamps.

Lamp Desiccant Cost Saving Effect | Lamp Desiccant

  • Since 2017, automakers using Desikhan's lamp desiccants no longer need to perform anti-fog coatings (special coatings) and have reduced manufacturing and quality costs as follows:
Cost reduction 70% Defect reduction 90%
Anti-fog coating HM moisture absorbent
for lamps
Anti-fog coating HM moisture absorbent
for lamps
Lamp Desiccant

Thanks to huge contribution, DesiKhan received the best innovative supplier award 2019 among 3500 suppliers from Hyundai Motors.

Lamp Desiccant

Lamp Desiccant vs Anti-fog coating | Lamp Desiccant

Comparison Lamp Desiccant Anti-fog coating
Lamp Desiccant Lamp Desiccant
1. Fundamental solution Remove moisture Not Remove Moisture
2. Manufacturing and quality cost 1/4 1
3. Quality claims (3 year monitoring) 1/10 1
4. Lamp condensation occurs Replace Lamp Desiccant Replace the Entire lamp
5. Product lifespan Long lifespan Short lifespan
6. Coating equipment & material, process cost Not applicable Very expensive
7. Limitation on lamp shape Not applicable Hard to be applied to the angular shape
8. Contamination of lamps Not applicable A root cause of Lamp contamination

Applied Vehicles | Lamp Desiccant

Lamp Desiccant Lamp Desiccant Lamp Desiccant Lamp Desiccant
Lamp Desiccant Lamp Desiccant Lamp Desiccant Lamp Desiccant
GENESIS EQ900, Granduer, Santafe, Sonata etc Stinger, Sorento, K-9, K-8, Sportage, Morning, etc Mercedes-S, Coupe, Benz AMG, Project-1 Corvette, Malibu, Cruz, Trax

Lamp Desiccant Field Tests | Lamp Desiccant

Lamp DesiccantTaxi vehicle test
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Lamp DesiccantOverseas Field Test (USA, China)
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Lamp DesiccantOutdoor weathering test
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