R&D Center

To the World with Desikhan Technology!

The R&D center is striving to enhance technological competitiveness
to provide the best products to satisfy customers’ needs.

The R&D center is securing the foundation for future growth through continuous research and development and with accumulated study results. It will serve as a think-tank to constantly take the lead. In addition, it will be reborn as an R&D center which is specialized in rust and moist prevention in association with various fields including automobiles, electronics, etc.

The R&D center will take the lead in technology by means of industrialization based on customers’ needs by developing independent and differentiated technologies, with the vision of new growth engines in the 21st century. It will also do all it can to become the world’s number one by organizing flexible and creative studies and by strengthening researchers’ competence.

Field Tests Performed

Taxi vehicle test
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Overseas Field test (USA, China)
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Outdoor Weathering Test
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Major Research Status

Major Research Performance

  • 2015Developed a high-performance moisture absorbent for industrial use
  • 2016Developed an absorbent for automotive lamps
  • 2017Developed a non-chloride high-performance anti-corrosion desiccant for aluminum
  • 2018Developed a high-performance desiccant for electronics
  • 2019Developed a moisture absorbent for lamps of next-generation automobiles
  • 2019Developed high moisture-absorbing lamp desiccant
  • 2020Developed resin desiccant
    Developed container-style lamp desiccant
  • 2021Develped all-in-one lamp desiccant
  • 2022Developed DKG and packaging paper

Major Projects Performed

  • 2015-2016Middles-Small sized business innovation research project
  • 2017-2018Technology development project for industry-research institute only
  • 2019KRICT stepping-stone project
  • 2019Reliability-based application support project
  • 2019-2020Automotive Parts Enterprise Vitalization Project
  • 2021-2022develped module of all-in-one lamp desiccant
  • 2022Obtained a certificate of VDA 6.3 and IATF16949